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Or the Louvre Abu Dhabi as this new Louvre Paris franchise art gallery/museum is officially known. You could be forgiven for not noticing.
But for the moment forget Brexit. Dismiss politics. Disregard all that other stuff that has been capturing our media spaces. This event is much more enlightening.
For the past few days the Media have been carrying reports and comments about this new cultural oasis, this jewel set in the desert sands.
In the process this coup de culture has seen French architect, Jean Novel, elevated to heroic status, promoted to the premiership of the architectural league - if he wasn’t there already.
Launched with a prodigious display of fireworks - according to Media reports - some wonder whether creating a cavernous space where western and eastern art is brought together, juxtaposed, may turn out to be an ephemeral achievement, a damp squib.
With its much admired multilayered metal dome drawing on the concept of the medina this building is said to resonate not with sound, but with light. The unanswered question though seems to be is the Louvre des Sables a triumph of style over substance? Certainly one columnist criticises its seeming lack of exhibits.
Whatever is said in the Media this venture has to be applauded. Certainly it will attract visitors to Abu Dhabi in the same way that Frank Gehry’s Guggenheim building attracts visitors to Bilbao.
In case you missed this cultural milestone visit:

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