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I RECEIVED a greetings card the other day. The illustration on the front was a delightful print by Andrew Pavitt a ...

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FIRST, news from the Paddock Park Project where Emma Morris has been appointed as Director. Emma Morris has been th...

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“DREAM IN COLOUR; THINK (OR BELIEVE) IN BLACK AND WHITE” may have been uttered  by Jonathan T.K. Bissell. Or equally by somebody else.

These words, however, sprang to mind when reading reviews of the National Gallery’s exhibition entitled ‘Monochrome: Painting in Black and White’.

Monochrome is not necessarily black and white. It can apply to any single colour. Think about the range of blues in cyanoprints photos that once were popular.

The National’s monochrome exhibition features any number of well known artists: Picasso, Kazimir Malevich, Bridget Riley to mention only three. But there are lesser known artists too. Etienne Moulinneuf’s ‘ Back from the Market’ (1770), for instance, is a fascinating troupe l’oeil work seeming to present a framed painting with its protective glass shattered.

Visit the National online (URL below) to see a short video of the use of grisaille (monochrome) paintings, more information about the exhibition plus a slide show of many of the exhibits.

National Gallery - - until 18th February.

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