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PRIVACY POLICY Following the recent roll out of the General Data Protection Regulations Sherborne Art Club’s...

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Our Volunteers

Volunteers and Committee Members help us with many and varied tasks, some requiring strong arms and backs, and others which are much less physical but just as vital.....for instance:

Receiving and checking framed paintings;
Receiving unframed paintings;
Receiving sculptures;
Checking Artists' paperwork;
Portering paintings;
Making tea and coffee;
Helping to hang paintings;
Cleaning picture glass, checking  labels and lists;
Helping type up catalogue;
Selling catalogues during Private View;
Serving wine and soft drinks during Private View;

The Exhibition opens from 10 am to 5.30 pm, and Stewards act in pairs helping to welcome our visitors, selling catalogues and artwork.  Each year we have around 1,000 visitors who enjoy taking part in the Viewers' Choice competition.   Two Stewards share a two- and-a-half hour shift together.

Removing paintings from exhibition boards;
Portering paintings;
Handing back framed paintings;
Handing back unframed paintings;
Handing back sold paintings;
Handing back sculptures;
Checking lists;
Making the tea and coffee again.....

Are you newly introduced to Art or an established Painter or Sculpturer?  An Art Student, or an Art lover who would like to help us as a Volunteer?   We are always happy to have new Committee Members too, so do have a good look around the website, and explore the pull down tabs.

If you would like to help us as a Volunteer, please contact us on

You can become a Member of Sherborne Art Club easily by signing up on the blue button above.