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Selection Procedure:

As in previous years Members may submit up to  three  Paintings, Folios and/or Sculptures.  At least one must be for sale in each category.   

The Selection Panel has no way of knowing the identity of any artist.  The panel is committed to selecting not only for quality of the individual works but also for an exhibition that will work as a whole, so selection depends on many different criteria.

Each work is competing for space with those offered on the day.   Any work that you submit will be seen by the Selection Panel and will therefore be hung, or not hung, according to their decision.  We try very hard to hang as many works as we can, provided they are approved by the panel.  We hope that people will not be too disappointed if their work is not exhibited. 

Please Note:  We DO accept paintings in all media, miniatures and sculptures.  We do NOT accept giclee prints or embroidered work/textiles, either for hanging or in the browsers.

Selection Committee 2014