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Pippa Hill


I have been sculpting animals in clay from a very young age. I love animals, I have lived and worked on farms, milked cattle, ridden horses and had many and various pets. I am also fascinated by anatomy, and quite enjoy skinning a rabbit or butchering a deer! It gives me a good opportunity to see how all the bits look and work together. I am also fairly obsessed with clay, it must be one of the few materials for which you need no tools, only needing your hands. I have tried using plasticene and wax, but for me nothing beats clay.
I am now getting some of my sculptures cast in bronze resin, this allows me to spend more time on the original than I would have if I was selling the ceramic, and I only have to do it once! rather than having to produce many similar pieces to sell, hopefully this will give me more time to do some of the less commercial things I have had in my head for years waiting to get out
I am happy to take on commissions of animals
I run ceramic sculpture/pottery classes in Charlton Horethorne


I have an Art Week venue at my house for both Dorset and Somerset Art Weeks. Up to ten very talented artists and craftworkers exhibit here, working in many different materials. The exhibition takes over the whole house and includes a gallery, bargain shed and sculpture garden
We also provide very good cup of tea and cake!
If you are interested in Art Weeks and would like to go on my mailing list, please contact me

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